I am a professional film, theatre and voice-over actor based in Helsinki, Finland. I trained in Millennium Performing Arts in London, graduating in 2008 and have since gained wide-ranging experience in professional film and TV productions as well as in theatre.


Having born in Russia and moving to Finland when I was five years old, I speak native Russian and Finnish. I am also fluent in English and can speak Swedish.


Over the years I have worked in various productions as an actor, singer and dancer. Some of my latest film acting work include roles in Renny Harlin's feature film Luokkakokous 3, Pamela Tola’s feature film Teräsleidit, TV series Ivalo (Arctic Circle) and Sorjonen (Bordertown). I also played one of the main roles in Biisonimafia’s latest feature film MCH3, which can be viewed on Elisa Viihde, a Finnish streaming service.


Currently, I am playing Sabrina Mustavaara in the daily series Salatut Elämät. In addition to this, I am a voice actor in several TV and radio adverts and animated series.

In addition to screen acting, I have stage acting experience from The Helsinki City Theatre, Tampere theatre Ahaa Theatre, The Alexander Theatre, Svenska Teatern (The Swedish Theatre), and The Vaasa City Theatre.

Special Skills

Singing and dancing